Meet Mitchell

Meet Mitchell

My Story

Mitchell McGregor

Your Certified Therapist

I know the teenage rollercoaster ride all too well.

It feels like just yesterday I was walking through the high school halls, where all I could think of was the battle I was having. My negative inner thoughts, anxieties, the demons I was facing were taking over… But no one would’ve guessed that.

Despite having good friends and a supportive family, I kept it all to myself. On the outside I looked fine, but in reality I was slowly checking out. I spent more time alone in my room, less time with my friends, and started to disconnect with everything around me.

Especially with the boom of social media apps, it became routine to see the “perfect” side of my peers through highly edited posts. Everyone was “perfect” except for me. This belief led myself (and many other young men) to keep things to ourselves, and bottle up our emotions.

Day by day, I withdrew. I would shut down, close off, and lash out from the pain and emotions going unaddressed. I felt like an outcast on an island with no tools for survival. With no way to escape.

I eventually hit rock bottom at 16 years old. Intense emotions. Social dramas. Extreme bouts of depression, anxiety, and even suicidal ideation were constant.

I knew I needed help, but talking to a friend felt embarrassing and going to an adult seemed pointless! Especially since my school counsellor was an old man in his 60's. I thought to myself “How could a boomer like that POSSIBLY understand what I'm going through?”

Since I had no place to face my issues, I hurt in silence for years. Only after incredible support from a few people in my life did I find a glimmer of hope - confronting my issues in therapy.

In therapy, I learned about myself. I learned about the way the human brain is wired, and I better understood myself and others. This led me to finally find my passion, the driving force that brought me to where I am today.

Fast forward to now - I have launched my counselling practice at just 22 years old. I stand as a guiding light for those struggling to make it through the darkest parts of being a young man.

I’m part of Gen Z, and due to my age, the guys I’ve worked with find it much easier to connect. This makes the counselling process more relatable, creating the ideal care and comfort needed to foster change. Despite my youth, my dedication to counselling has taken me far. After 1700+ hours of experience, I've seen firsthand the power of therapy to transform lives.

My journey from troubled teen to seasoned counsellor built the foundation of my practice. I made it out of the storm, and I know every young man is capable of doing the same.

My Why

Mitchell at age 16

As a Vancouver based therapist who works with young men, I strive to be the counsellor I needed when I was a teen.

I know how it felt...

  • to be weighed down by painful thoughts and stress

  • to walk through the high school halls feeling completely and utterly alone

  • to not feel like myself.

And, I know what it’s like to want help but have no clue where to start.

It is my mission to set young men on track to a healthier mindset. To help men understand themselves. To equip them with the tools needed for the transition to adulthood.

Men deserve peace and happiness, to chase their dreams and goals, to live a life true to themselves, and to reach their full potential.

Personal wellbeing is the key that unlocks all doors, and that is my ultimate goal for the young men I work with.

The "Gen Z" Men’s Counsellor

My purpose is to help young men going through hard times.

But, finding the right support for a man feels like searching for a needle in a haystack! It's hard to find a young counsellor supporting young men... and there’s a severe lack of quality support for men’s mental health.

At just 22 years old, I stand as one of the few Gen Z counsellors out there, bridging the gap between traditional therapy and the digital age. With firsthand experience of the developmental effects that growing up with the internet and social media can cause, I bring a needed perspective to the table.

I’ve seen the way my young clients can better resonate with my youthful style while talking about their problems.

As a counsellor, this is the environment I’d like to build - a safe place to encourage young men to speak their mind and feel heard, AND to have the right guidance to confront their challenges head-on.

About Me

  • Gentle approach

  • Positive Vibes

  • Giving empowered choice followed by guidance

  • Keeping it light and fun – laughter and smiles are to be expected!

Helping others has always been second nature to me. My values of love, kindness, and respect are true to my core as a person, and is the bedrock of my practice. I seriously love seeing people take on the journey to become better versions of themselves, and I can’t wait for you to take that first step with me :)

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